About Hazara Division
On the dissolution of West Pakistan in 1970, Hazara District and the two tribal agencies were merged to form the new Hazara Division with its Headquarter at Abbottabad. Hazara is a region in the northeastern part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located…....
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Commissioner Hazara Division
                 It is a matter of immense pleasure and pride for me that I have been posted as Commissioner, Hazara Division Abbottabad. It is also my good luck that I am leading a team of decent, dignified and com... View Details
Assistant to Commissioner (Rev/GA), Hazara Division
                   I am proud to be part of the Divisional Administration who leads this division in a time characterized by mounting challenges, with number of efficiency benchmarks and performance indicators.... View Details
Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Commissioner Hazara Division 0992-9310111 / 222 commissionerhazara@gmail.com
Addtional Commissioner Hazara Division 0992-9310065 / 66
PS to Commissioner Hazara Division 0992-9310444
Secretray to Commissioner Hazara Division, Abbottabad 0992-9310335 gbchdatd@gmail.com
Assistant to Commissioner (Rev/GA), Hazara Division, Abbottabad 0992-9310461
Assistant to Commissioner (Poll/Dev), Hazara Division, Abbottabad 0992-9310462
Superintendent 0992-9310265
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